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DALLAS, TX – CheerSource, LLC one of the leading camps, choreography and consulting companies in the cheerleading industry, has announced a new partnership with CAEVO Music, a new leading cheer music and production company. CAEVO Music is now the official music company for CheerSource, producing camp mixes and with this announcement the “OFFICIAL CHEERSOURCE 8 COUNT” track.

This new partnership serves clients of both CAEVO Music and CheerSource with new customer promotions. Routines choreographed by CheerSource will now have an option to pair the choreography with music produced by CAEVO Music.

“We have worked with Yiorgos at CAEVO Music many times before and with our continued strive to be better the products and development of CheerSource, it was a perfect fit for us to partner.” Says Ryan Maag, founder and Co-Owner of CheerSource

“I am very excited about working with CAEVO Music in the future and I also was so pumped to hear this new 8 count track for our customers to use as they are preparing for a great season ahead.” Says Andy Cosferent, Co-Owner of CheerSource

“I have known Andy and Ryan for almost as long as I’ve been in music and in the industry of cheerleading. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity to partner with such a great company and can’t wait to see where this partnership will lead” Says Yiorgos Kourkounakis, Owner of CAEVO Music

CheerSource and CAEVO Music have come together to create an official 8-count track for all to use. Less counting, more music! Just the way we like it!

Link below is for YouTube playing and soon will be released on all music platforms!

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